Brand spanking new website layout!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010, 0:58 | Category : design, website update
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Took a tiny break from working on projects and did my own stuff. Haven’t gotten around to fixing this blog’s header and footer though… and updating the content, back to work no time to blabber!

Design Trauma

Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 18:54 | Category : design
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Should you come across too much work that makes you die a little inside, times when you just want to drop it all and go on a holiday!

Damnatio memoriae “damnation of memory” do as the Romans do! Then go and watch something ridiculous on youtube like this:

Damnatio memoriae

Swine Flu

Saturday, 6 June 2009, 19:22 | Category : entertainment
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Yes I have too much time! or rather it took very little time to draw it.

Bangkok’s Fine Weather

Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 2:02 | Category : environment
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For over a week Bangkok residents have experienced temperatures ranging from 13-25°C. Uncomfortably however, this seems to be coming to an end as this weeks forecast ranges from 17-37°C according to wunderground . So it’s time to say goodbye to this fine weather, as close to winter as we’ll ever get in a while unless more freak winds from the north come down our way.

On a similar note over lunch,  as a standard conversation topic, the weather is most likely to pop up.  What struck me was the mention that the air appears cleaner when it is cool, I’m sure geographers could explain it all, but to me I’d prefer to assume for Bangkok, that the cool temperatures negated 8 million or so residents from sweating like gorrillas on heat and reduced the production of unidentified organisms that cause the noxious odours in our ‘lovely’ canals and sewers. When the heat returns so will the smell! and do hope the BMA will vigorously clean up all our waterways soon.

Goodness Gracious Me

Monday, 8 December 2008, 17:40 | Category : fashion, lifestyle, society
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Ya ya I’m spilling out the posts today. But this youtube video from the incredibly hilarious comedy show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ which parodies themes of Indian society in the UK can frequently be associated with Asians in general.

As an Asian it’s most likely you’ve heard your mum competing with other mums and relatives about their kids and sat or rather squeezed into a car beyond it’s safe seating capacity. During my high school and uni days I remember going into a car with 2 in the front, 4 in the back (one of them huddled on the floor) and 2 in the trunk (well an SUV trunk which also had a pullout cover to hide us!). Good thing the Sydney cops never pulled us over!

Now on to social commentary, I admire Indians and Japanese on how they can wear a sari or kimono down a CBD street without getting 2nd looks in their home country. The Japanese although ultra-modern are still able to maintain many traditional elements. As for Thailand.. you rarely see a patung or jongkrabaen except during weddings or ceremonial occasions, their is a great lack of synergy amongst Thailand’s youth, lack of culture, manners and elocution. Not saying they are all like that but a great number are! It’s fine to pronounce however you like amongst friends but in public situations really they sound like they haven’t finished eating their lunch… Could it be certain mental capacities cannot handle more than 1 speech mode? In a single day, I use 2 languages, 2 English accents and at least 3 modes, general chatter, familiar conversation and sibling verbal sparring and 2 different modes of internet typing!

Anyway I’m sure many have seen the hairstyles ‘singers’ and ‘actors’ are wearing lately?! You can barely tell them apart with their fringes covering their eyes and straight mop hair. Their uncreative stylists are most likely to blame, and all the teeny boppers and their hairdressers are ‘inspired’ by that look.

Those super tight ankle hugging jeans that are plastered all over, please it only almost works on some women. Even though I was commenting on how traditions should be revived, there is one era that should never be recovered, the 80s!

– The bowl haircut!

– The short shorts!

– That excessive perm.

– and how can we forget the shoulderpads!

Languages Matter! A UNESCO Competition

Monday, 8 December 2008, 15:57 | Category : design, lifestyle, society
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Design 21 Social Design Network and UNESCO are running a competition to design a poster for the International Mother Language Day, February 21 2009.

Languages are essential to the identity of groups and individuals and to their peaceful coexistence. Only if multilingualism is fully accepted can all languages find their place in our globalized world. However, within the space of a few generations, more than 50% of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world may disappear. We must act now as a matter of urgency. -UNESCO

Further information available here. Final competition entry date is January 19 2009.

Bangkok Post Makeover & Thai Weddings

Monday, 8 December 2008, 15:50 | Category : design, lifestyle
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Finally the Bangkok Post website is getting a much needed makeover!
Their old layout is well, old! Lost in the 90s and difficult to navigate.

On another note, I was wondering why so many Thai weddings occur around this time. One of the reasons being November and December are the months after vassa (Pali) or วันออกพรรษา wan awk pansa (Thai). So I’m guessing since monks don’t usually leave their temples during vassa from July to October, they pick wedding auspicious wedding dates after October! Again just a guess as I haven’t done any in depth research on this matter apart from office chatter and this entry isn’t fully about the Bangkok Post either!

Website renovation!

Saturday, 25 October 2008, 15:38 | Category : website update
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-New logo
-New colour scheme
-New background

To do list:
-Re-format/organise all content.
-Write up content for Services.
-Create submenu for portfolio and separate into categories.
-Somehow fix the blogger layout because it is refusing to change template/publish!
-Create new Flash introduction animation……….

1. I like creating Flash animations.
2. I like creating Flash animations.
3. I like creating Flash animations.

Hazardous Moomoocow

Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 10:54 | Category : health
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deadly milk cow

deadly milk cow

“In a separate random test on 97 milk and milkbased products, the FDA yesterday revealed that only 32 items had tested negative, while two contained very low levels of melamine and were therefore safe for consumption. FDA chief Dr Chatree Banchuen explained that the two items only contained 0.38 and 0.55 milligrams of melamine per kilogram respectively, well below the 1mg international safety standard.”

“FDA is planning to issue regulations that allow no more than 1mg per kilogram of melamine in milk powder and no more than 2.5mg of melamine in milkbased products. Anybody caught abusing the law would face six months to two years in jail and be fined Bt5,000 to Bt20,000.” – Full article at The Nation

What I don’t understand is that why they don’t just list the name of these contaminated products, actually I do understand but anyway, for the sake of public health & safety they have to! How do we know that under 1mg of melamine per kg will not build up in our digestive system and clog it up? and when the international safety standard is 1mg, our FDA is going to allow under 2.5mg/kilogram?!?!? Regardless it still contains melamine and just because there is that ?? symbol on it doesn’t seem so safe anymore the way they are handling it. Just so you know I used to drink 1 litre of Meiji fresh milk a day until the warnings came out!

Some solutions I’ve read around the web for safe milk:

– Buy local produced milk: Chitlada Royal Projects, Chokchai and NongPho.
– Buy a cow.
– Breastfeeding until the infant is 1-2 years old.

Water Powered Car!

Friday, 22 August 2008, 2:35 | Category : environment
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Sumit Isarangkul na Ayutthaya and Somchai Traisuriyathamma presented a hydropowered car at a press conference hosted by Udon Thani Rajabhat University’s Mechanical Engineering Department yesterday, more info at the Nation.