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Thursday, 29 November 2007, 19:53 | Category : education
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Unless one plans to study an undergraduate or vocational course that requires individuals that excel in complicated mathematics, such as the various fields of engineering and architecture. I do not see the point in having mathematics as a compulsory subject in the last 2 years of high school for those who believe they will not need it. If one can add, subtract, multiply and divide by using a calculator then I believe it is sufficient enough and so far has been since I finished school! By year 11 most students should already have an idea of what they intend to study at university or vocational college.

Since I do not and at the time, did not wish to pursue a career requiring such mathematical complexities, what was the point of making maths as a compulsory subject when it is rarely utilised on a daily basis unless one has sought a mathematical based career. Some people enjoy it some are impartial and others despise it, everyone is different. But all that trigonometry, logarithms, calculus and so forth went through one ear and shot straight out the other with only the residue of their names remaining!

This commentary only relates to how it was when I was in school, I am unsure of what the current compulsory subjects there are for completing the HSC, which I will rant about at some other time on its flaws.

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