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Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 14:14 | Category : health, pigeons
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Columba livia the Rock Pigeon, the Feral Pigeon or sometimes referred to as flying rats that we see in our cities! I am woken up every morning at 6am by a pair of obnoxious creatures cooing and defecating away on my balcony window. Even more irritating is that they are so ‘domesticated’ that I have to pretend to launch an attack to cause them to flap away, banging on the mosquito screen or opening and closing my windows no longer even scares them! The other day I chased off the pair and to my horror, an entire swarm of the things followed from above my roof and blackened out the sun! OK it wasn’t that bad. However, now being so close to the avian flu season has made me even more paranoid about them. I have already had my housekeeper remove the pair’s scraggly nest thrice this year, but they still keep returning. Due to this minor paranoia I have taken up research in the most humane way to deal with them as many of my friends and family suggest using an air rifle.

sniper scope targetted at a pigeon

sniper scope targetted at a pigeon

Through browsing I have found several solutions to the problem. There is a company which makes products to repel these pests called Deter A Pigeon™ in the U.S. sold on their website as Defender 4™ Spikes or Defender 8™ Spikes anti-roosting bird guard spikes. These spikes it seems prevents the pests from landing and I think, do not impale the creatures leaving a horrible mess, their company also ships globally.

Another solution would be keeping a pet peregrine falcon! I am usually very fond of birds except for pigeons and vultures. In 2005 New York City was reported to have at least 18 pairs according to the wikipedia article. The reason I mention the falcon as a humane solution is that pigeon is part of their menu! Now if only there was some way to introduce these most noble pigeon slayers into Bangkok. The only problem is they would most likely not survive the smog. Keeping one as a pet also requires falconry training and it is very unlikely that there is a falconer school in Thailand.

I have tried other tactics mentioned by some of my acquaintances, placing a bottle of water to reflect light and hanging blank/used dvd’s, which somehow initially deterred them. However after a few days they seemed to get used to it and continued placing faecal lumps on my balcony. So it seems the simplest solution would be to use those spikes.

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