Sunday, 18 November 2007, 2:27 | Category : website update
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Completely redesigned layout for my portfolio website and added a shop. Well more like a link page to several shops in cafepress. Only things missing are flash animation intro page and other misc. animations. Also added a blooooog, since a lot of people have them might as well have one myself! Facebook seems to be the craze with clean layout and multiple applications and games to add to your profile, always found myspace too messy with things all over the place. But my facebook already is a mess with the gazillion applications people request to add.

Watched Beowulf the other day, was not as impressive as the trailer, maybe a 7/10? Never read the original Beowulf, could not understand a word of what Grendel was saying since the subtitles in Thai just moved too fast for me to read! The Golden Compass film looks very promising. Was wondering why it was titled that and found out the US version of the book was published under another name and not Northern Lights (UK version). Nothing else to blabber about. end.

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