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Tuesday, 20 November 2007, 7:09 | Category : supernatural
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The supernatural, lately a frequent subject amongst some of my friends over MSN in the late hours of the night. Recalling personal paranormal experiences and stories heard from other friends and relatives. Discussions often initiated by ones refusing to go to bed and wanting others to entertain them till they tire, which at times caused the listener/reader sleeplessness due to the chills! I have also wondered why I barely heard strange or frightening encounters from my Australian and European friends, or is it because the subject never came up? During my boarding school days, several stories were passed around, although during my time there I personally never saw anything out of the ordinary. However, the places around the school mentioned were:

Fairfax House aka Ginahgulla House constructed in the 1800s (will have to sneeze through my storage room to look for photographs). Is apparently haunted by a Lady Fairfax (which one I am unsure of), said to be seen roaming around at night in Victorian attire. I myself never saw her, but in my junior years when years 8 and 9 shared the same dorm and bunk beds. The occupant under my bed claimed he was awoken by a large woman in old fashioned clothing standing at the foot of the bed staring at him and he himself unable to utter a word at the time. Of course these bunk beds were aligned perpendicular to the wall, either end of the beds was a cupboard or the wall. So it could not have been the matron on patrol.

The school clock tower, a repairman supposedly fell to his death from the tower, and a figure is said to be seen at night climbing the tower itself or walking along the roof of the main school building. Again never saw anything or rather never dared to look. These are the only locations I could recall at the college, there are only a few other places close to the college that were mentioned by friends.

Vaucluse Lighthouse or I think also known as Macquarie Lighthouse, people seen patrolling the tower at night when the lighthouse is fully automated. Vaucluse House, beautiful by day, creepy by night. I think it was in year 11 or 12 when some of my friends and I sneaked out of the boarding house to go there. Yes we did this often! (the sneaking out part)’Locked up in our tiny little cubicles screaming to get out’ no it wasn’t that extreme during our final years. We had curfews that was all. Back to Vaucluse House, several of us got into a friend’s car and we drove down there. Upon arriving, the grounds were unnaturally covered with mist. It wasn’t past midnight so unlikely that it was morning mist, the mist itself could have some geographical explanation due to the site being in a small valley. Nevertheless! we chickened out and went elsewhere!

Another expedition to the house which I did not tag along with. A pair from that party actually went into the grounds and towards the house and soon came screaming out after. I cannot recall what they saw and the exact details, it’s been nearly 10 years! Next time I will reiterate my more personal experiences which I have a more vivid memory of.

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