The Supernatural: Malaysia

Thursday, 22 November 2007, 1:32 | Category : supernatural
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During the early 80s my family moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company that hired my father rented a house for us from a man who I only recall by the name of “Uncle Yap” in an area called Ampang. According to my family the house had a rambutan grove and a soccer field, I doubt the place is still their as land that size would most likely have been developed into something else by now. I cannot recall the exact layout of the house either. Anyway time to recall what occurred in that house.

Soon after we moved in, a maid was hired. She stayed one night in her quarters and resigned the next day refusing to tell my parents what was wrong. The 2nd housekeeper hired was a Chinese lady, when she saw her quarters she told my mother, this place is evil and asked for some uncooked rice and she then proceeded to scatter her room with the rice grains. She also obtained those long rectangular pieces of yellow paper with red Chinese writing and stuck them around her room. My father did not pay much attention to this as he was not a superstitious person.

Now to my experience, I was only old enough to say a few words. My bedroom, since I did not share one with any other siblings at the time, had a built in closet with a section of open shelves. Every night I would see a snake coiled on a shelf and shout out “snake! snake!(??!??!)”, parents would come running in but would not see anything. I was later moved in with my brother. My mother experienced more violent encounters.

Every night she would get kicked and pushed (no it was not my father). One night she decided to fight back and felt she grabbed long hair and pulled at it until it stopped. She woke up the next morning with clench marks in her hands. Again my father didn’t believe much of it.

One day, we all went out to go shopping. When we returned, my parents discovered that the air conditioner in their room was on full blast. Of course they argued with each other about leaving it on, and the housekeeper said she didn’t go up there. So the next day, my parents double checked that the aircon was off, remember this is the 80s aircons with no timers. We all went out including the housekeeper, came home and the aircon was on full blast. I am unsure what happened after that, but I am sure we moved to another house a few years later.

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