Book Review: His Dark Materials

Sunday, 2 December 2007, 15:58 | Category : entertainment
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The Golden Compass being released this month as a film by New Line Cinema starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, was originally a trilogy of fantasy novels called His Dark Materials by British author Philip Pullman, which have been subject to controversy amongst some Christian groups. Regardless of that! The Golden Compass was released in the United Kingdom under the title of Northern Lights I am not sure why it became The Golden Compass for it’s US version.

My brother suggested to read Northern Lights whilst I was on a vacation from university and of course being the rebellious sibling that I am, initially refused to do so. I cannot recall what happened but somehow I picked it up and could not put it down unless I was required to do basic necessities. Which is often the case when I do find a very appealing novel. Would be best not to bother searching for plot summaries as they often spoil the experience, which is why I have not mentioned much at all. Reading a book before or after viewing the film, to me, does not essentially ruin either, but rather provides more depth, understanding and entertainment. How one visualises a character and how a studio casts them is also intriguing.

Due to the controversy of the trilogy, several key themes were slightly altered in the upcoming film, however the changes may not be as obvious as Lady Arwen carrying Frodo to safety, we will have to wait and compare. If you do plan to read the book, has a wide selection here or the complete trilogy in paperback or hardcover below.

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