Random Ravings: Neck Ties

Sunday, 27 January 2008, 20:25 | Category : entertainment, fashion
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What continues to slightly irritate me whenever I see one is the ‘simple knot’ also known as ‘the schoolboy knot’. This simple way of tying a neck tie just looks imbalanced! My father taught me how to tie the ‘simple knot’ on my first day of school as it is very SIMPLE. Regardless of it’s simplicity I find it still looks incomplete. This is all a personal opinion so I’ll behave like a child and say ‘whateva!’ if one wants to walk around looking unfinished then so be it.

The solution to this unsightly problem would be to learn how to tie something a bit more complicated. I was taught this knot a few months into school by a good friend of mine. The beauty of this knot is that, if taken off carefully, the shape of the knot can be retained, the ‘simple knot’ will easily collapse. I however, don’t suggest keeping the knot if you use an array of neck ties as it will ruin the material and shape. But for school kids that wear those slippery striped nylon ties go ahead! saves a bit of time in the morning. A brief mention on clip-on and pre-made ties… DISGUSTING!

Anyway, the knot I am referring to is the Windsor Knot. Now I only know how to tie a tie two different ways, this balanced triangle and that lopsided thing, there are many other balanced knots but here is an excellent video on Youtube from www.skikkogbruk.no, no idea what the original website is about since it is all in Norwegian.

Further research into tie knots, the Windsor Knot is more suitable for wide spread collars and the Half-Windsor knot can suit any type of collar due to it’s slightly smaller size. How to tie the Half-Windsor below from same website as before.

There is also a book by two Cambridge graduates who researched 85 different ways to tie a tie if you are that interested. Simple/four-in-hand knot photo at the top is by Keith S. Brown, initially I was hoping to find an image of the Windsor Knot on wikipedia, but the one currently posted certainly did not look like one to me! Unfortunate that Mr. Brown did not photograph a Windsor Knot.

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