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Saturday, 9 February 2008, 15:10 | Category : fitness, health
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Although I may be a mobile chimney, I do still try to maintain a reasonably healthy diet and some basic home exercise. Not saying that by doing just pushups will get you into prime shape & fitness but it’s a start! In the wonderful world of Youtube where one can find a video on almost anything. Browsing through the search results, quite a lot of them were of incredibly large people doing exercises and showing off their ‘superhuman’ physique with little information. Until I found some exercise videos by a Ford model and personal trainer named Chris Comfort. If you haven’t heard of Ford Modeling Agency they are somewhere in the top 10 of modeling agencies in the US.

Now who wouldn’t want to look like this guy to impress the ladies but of course facial structure do play a huge part! Anyway moving along, since I’m very new to this ‘fitness thing’ I only found out the existence of pushup handles from this video.

The video itself pretty much explains most so I will not bother reiterating much. I also don’t feel like a beached shrimp anymore after trying to follow most of his advice, doing the 3rd pushup in the video is beyond me! If someone does want to seriously get into shape it would depend on a person’s body type, metabolism, diet and different types of exercise routines for different people. I haven’t gotten a hold of those pushup handles yet, but since Amazon seems to have everything lately and ships almost anywhere, voila!

For people in the US the ‘Perfect Pushup’ can be purchased from their original retailer at More info about the handles can be found on their site.

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