"Thailand Oscars 2008"

Tuesday, 4 March 2008, 10:36 | Category : entertainment
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Most amusing article I’ve read since the lizard event at The Nation website:

Thai Oscars

I used to be a fan of ‘Bangkok Post’ due to it’s lack of typographical errors and conservative news, but now I no longer bother to read it as I started to find it very dull when compared to ‘The Nation’ which has been much more witty and entertaining.

As for the lizard event which occurred in early February this year, was beautifully covered by ‘The Nation’ in a photographic slide show here. The monitor lizard in Thailand was formerly known as tua hia unsure of the exact translation of hia but I guess it would be ‘vile’. At some point in time their name was changed to tua ngen tua tong (silver and golden thing) but to this day variants of the original name are still used as a very offensive insult. I do not know the story behind why they are also considered bad luck but having 2 of these ill-omened creatures copulating behind parliament house caused quite a fuss last month.

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