World Water Day?

Sunday, 23 March 2008, 15:17 | Category : environment
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Had no idea there was such a day! Maybe it was just a US thing. March 16-22 was the UN’s World Water Week, March 22 World Water Day. This event seems to have mainly occurred in New York with the Tap Project, a donation campaign set up to provide safe drinking water to people around the globe.

Below, Lucy Liu shows us the quality and accessibility of water in the Côte d’Ivoire.

The Tap Project’s official site available here.

Now as for Bangkok’s water quality, our Metropolitan Waterworks Authority does state somewhere in their website that their tap water is safe to drink. But I do wonder how clean are the pipes!? Admittedly I occasionally have had a gulp at home after gargling because it tastes so minty! and have not contracted stomach problems from it yet, too much chili however… Anywho, the point of all this! Awareness.

As for the current bleeding temperature we are experiencing in Bangkok lately… one could get knocked over by a burst of hot air just from opening a door. A fresh clean shirt will stick like paper mâché!

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