Ghosts & Ghouls of Thailand

Saturday, 12 April 2008, 11:31 | Category : supernatural
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It’s been a while since I posted anything on this matter, since I’d rather not! But curiosity continues to lurk. Apart from your standard incorporeal spirits, Thailand is said to have a variety of others with different characteristics, some quite similar to our neighbouring countries.

Kraseu and Krahang:
Kraseu – female and krahang – male variants. By day are said to look like any other human being but by night are capable of detaching their heads and and float around with their glowing internal organs attached in search for food. Their diet is said to consist of intestines, don’t know what type, don’t want to know! A long time ago when I visited my parents’ factory one of the security guards told me he saw a glowing ball in the distance floating through the neighbouring cashew plantation.

Known as preta in Sanskrit, are supposedly cursed for their behaviour in their former lives and stuck in limbo, incredibly tall and thin. If sighted on ground level, it is said that only the legs can be seen until you look up. As for me I’d probably not bother at all and bolt for it! Other features are a large gut and pin-hole sized mouth, which makes them incapable of eating anything and unable to speak so one would only hear whistling at night. They are said to wander around near temples asking the living for prayers and blessings so that they can resume the cycle of rebirth. Some time last year an electrician fixing something up on a pole fell of his crane, survived but claimed he was slapped by a pret.

There are other types which I can’t recall at the moment nor do I wish to see any of the above.

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