The price of rice?

Thursday, 17 April 2008, 16:12 | Category : food
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Why has the price of rice gone up when according to The Nation, the last major rice harvest was near the end of 2007 and a minor one in Feb 2008 where it should have been foreseen back then!? As far as I know there are still “fish in the water and rice in the fields” as one of our ancient proverbs state. Also as far as I know there was no major drought last year. Buying rice at a higher price most likely won’t benefit the poor farmers either since the majority of it was purchased last year from them and now in the hands of the mills and middlemen. There are many other factors involved in the price of rice which I will not bother going through all but one, such as increased harvesting and production costs due to higher fuel price. I have also forgotten the point of making this post since it was in draft form for a week!!

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