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Tuesday, 6 May 2008, 13:45 | Category : design, environment
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According to Mark Ontkush at ecoIron a full white webpage uses roughly 74 watts, whilst an all black page uses around 59 watts on a CRT(the clunky, heavy, box shaped monitors). Therefore according to his maths, since I am terrible at it!! A website like google gets around 200 million users a day, if google were to change to using a black background, that in turn would reduce the watts by 15 which somehow leads to a global savings of 8.3megawatt-hours per day, or 3,000 megawatt-hours per day. Also the article states, if it costs 10 US cents/kilowatt-hour with 25% of the monitors in the world are still CRTs, that’s USD75,000 per hour. Please read his article for full details here. Which leads to the black google!

Though I have no idea how much is saved using black layouts on an LCD, the energy usage may be slightly less but every tiny bit counts! As for me, I still cannot decide on what to do with my website background yet…

Now for some energy saving tactics gathered from all over including some of my own nonsense:

-Aircon temperature no lower than 25°C according to some government ad.

-Eat brown jasmine rice since it requires less refining steps than white rice!

-Yes yes, turn off lights when you leave a room and your computer and any other appliances if you aren’t using them at all.

-Eating salad & fruit? Sashimi? no cooking involved!

-Go to the kitchen in the dark for a late night snack and hope nothing odd appears!

-Ride a bicycle to work…. HAHAHAHAHAHA most likely to get verbally abused, die from heat stroke, run over by some motorist, suffocate from the street fumes, shrivel up from dehydration or of course get your work clothes crumpled and drenched in sweat. Yes unfortunately we don’t have the climate or environment like Europe or Australia to even think of using one. A zebra crossing isn’t even a zebra crossing here! more like lines leading to your death.

-As for recycling, separate your rubbish, makes it easier for the collectors, which they in turn can sell off for extra cash.

Cannot think of anything else at the moment.

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