Hazardous Moomoocow

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deadly milk cow

deadly milk cow

“In a separate random test on 97 milk and milkbased products, the FDA yesterday revealed that only 32 items had tested negative, while two contained very low levels of melamine and were therefore safe for consumption. FDA chief Dr Chatree Banchuen explained that the two items only contained 0.38 and 0.55 milligrams of melamine per kilogram respectively, well below the 1mg international safety standard.”

“FDA is planning to issue regulations that allow no more than 1mg per kilogram of melamine in milk powder and no more than 2.5mg of melamine in milkbased products. Anybody caught abusing the law would face six months to two years in jail and be fined Bt5,000 to Bt20,000.” – Full article at The Nation

What I don’t understand is that why they don’t just list the name of these contaminated products, actually I do understand but anyway, for the sake of public health & safety they have to! How do we know that under 1mg of melamine per kg will not build up in our digestive system and clog it up? and when the international safety standard is 1mg, our FDA is going to allow under 2.5mg/kilogram?!?!? Regardless it still contains melamine and just because there is that ?? symbol on it doesn’t seem so safe anymore the way they are handling it. Just so you know I used to drink 1 litre of Meiji fresh milk a day until the warnings came out!

Some solutions I’ve read around the web for safe milk:

– Buy local produced milk: Chitlada Royal Projects, Chokchai and NongPho.
– Buy a cow.
– Breastfeeding until the infant is 1-2 years old.

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