Goodness Gracious Me

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Ya ya I’m spilling out the posts today. But this youtube video from the incredibly hilarious comedy show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ which parodies themes of Indian society in the UK can frequently be associated with Asians in general.

As an Asian it’s most likely you’ve heard your mum competing with other mums and relatives about their kids and sat or rather squeezed into a car beyond it’s safe seating capacity. During my high school and uni days I remember going into a car with 2 in the front, 4 in the back (one of them huddled on the floor) and 2 in the trunk (well an SUV trunk which also had a pullout cover to hide us!). Good thing the Sydney cops never pulled us over!

Now on to social commentary, I admire Indians and Japanese on how they can wear a sari or kimono down a CBD street without getting 2nd looks in their home country. The Japanese although ultra-modern are still able to maintain many traditional elements. As for Thailand.. you rarely see a patung or jongkrabaen except during weddings or ceremonial occasions, their is a great lack of synergy amongst Thailand’s youth, lack of culture, manners and elocution. Not saying they are all like that but a great number are! It’s fine to pronounce however you like amongst friends but in public situations really they sound like they haven’t finished eating their lunch… Could it be certain mental capacities cannot handle more than 1 speech mode? In a single day, I use 2 languages, 2 English accents and at least 3 modes, general chatter, familiar conversation and sibling verbal sparring and 2 different modes of internet typing!

Anyway I’m sure many have seen the hairstyles ‘singers’ and ‘actors’ are wearing lately?! You can barely tell them apart with their fringes covering their eyes and straight mop hair. Their uncreative stylists are most likely to blame, and all the teeny boppers and their hairdressers are ‘inspired’ by that look.

Those super tight ankle hugging jeans that are plastered all over, please it only almost works on some women. Even though I was commenting on how traditions should be revived, there is one era that should never be recovered, the 80s!

– The bowl haircut!

– The short shorts!

– That excessive perm.

– and how can we forget the shoulderpads!

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    You forgot hairspray–lots of it!!

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