Bangkok’s Fine Weather

Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 2:02 | Category : environment
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For over a week Bangkok residents have experienced temperatures ranging from 13-25°C. Uncomfortably however, this seems to be coming to an end as this weeks forecast ranges from 17-37°C according to wunderground . So it’s time to say goodbye to this fine weather, as close to winter as we’ll ever get in a while unless more freak winds from the north come down our way.

On a similar note over lunch,  as a standard conversation topic, the weather is most likely to pop up.  What struck me was the mention that the air appears cleaner when it is cool, I’m sure geographers could explain it all, but to me I’d prefer to assume for Bangkok, that the cool temperatures negated 8 million or so residents from sweating like gorrillas on heat and reduced the production of unidentified organisms that cause the noxious odours in our ‘lovely’ canals and sewers. When the heat returns so will the smell! and do hope the BMA will vigorously clean up all our waterways soon.

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