Random Ravings: Neck Ties

Sunday, 27 January 2008, 20:25 | Category : entertainment, fashion
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What continues to slightly irritate me whenever I see one is the ‘simple knot’ also known as ‘the schoolboy knot’. This simple way of tying a neck tie just looks imbalanced! My father taught me how to tie the ‘simple knot’ on my first day of school as it is very SIMPLE. Regardless of it’s […]

Food & Entertainment: Baklava & more

Tuesday, 22 January 2008, 1:52 | Category : entertainment, food
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At almost every kebab shop in Sydney had these delicious pastries consisting of paper thin sheets of dough filled with nuts (mainly pistachios or walnuts) and soaked in honey. Now the problem is finding it in Bangkok since Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food is not readily available or very popular here. The only place which […]

Nothing in particular

Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 16:49 | Category : entertainment
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I apologise to the people who consistently visit this page to read the randomness that I spew out. It’s been a busy month and thought it would be inappropriate for me to ramble on during the mourning period. The pigeons are still around! I think this year I may have to resort to violence, even […]

Food & Entertainment: Roti

Saturday, 8 December 2007, 5:01 | Category : entertainment, food
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In Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand one should be able to find variations of the fried roti. When asking a Malaysian, they would most likely think you are asking about bread, as the word itself just means bread in the Malaysian language. However in Thailand it is commonly known as roti. For further details on the […]

Book Review: His Dark Materials

Sunday, 2 December 2007, 15:58 | Category : entertainment
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The Golden Compass being released this month as a film by New Line Cinema starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, was originally a trilogy of fantasy novels called His Dark Materials by British author Philip Pullman, which have been subject to controversy amongst some Christian groups. Regardless of that! The Golden Compass was released in […]