Bangkok’s Fine Weather

Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 2:02 | Category : environment
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For over a week Bangkok residents have experienced temperatures ranging from 13-25°C. Uncomfortably however, this seems to be coming to an end as this weeks forecast ranges from 17-37°C according to wunderground . So it’s time to say goodbye to this fine weather, as close to winter as we’ll ever get in a while unless […]

Water Powered Car!

Friday, 22 August 2008, 2:35 | Category : environment
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Sumit Isarangkul na Ayutthaya and Somchai Traisuriyathamma presented a hydropowered car at a press conference hosted by Udon Thani Rajabhat University’s Mechanical Engineering Department yesterday, more info at the Nation.

Central No Bag Day Sale

Saturday, 21 June 2008, 18:32 | Category : environment
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Central department store is having a promotional sale on the 23rd to 29th June when you: “Bring along your re-usable tote and Say No to new shopping bags…get an instant 10 – 30% off” more details at their website.

Design Dark! Save Energy!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008, 13:45 | Category : design, environment
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According to Mark Ontkush at ecoIron a full white webpage uses roughly 74 watts, whilst an all black page uses around 59 watts on a CRT(the clunky, heavy, box shaped monitors). Therefore according to his maths, since I am terrible at it!! A website like google gets around 200 million users a day, if google […]

‘Green’ Bags

Thursday, 10 April 2008, 15:15 | Category : environment
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500 billion to a trillion plastic bags are consumed around the planet annually according to the National Geographic. With last year’s reminder on global warming a large variety of companies gave out reusable cloth bags. I don’t know about every one else but the ones I’ve been bombarded with this year were generally quite ugly. […]

World Water Day?

Sunday, 23 March 2008, 15:17 | Category : environment
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Had no idea there was such a day! Maybe it was just a US thing. March 16-22 was the UN’s World Water Week, March 22 World Water Day. This event seems to have mainly occurred in New York with the Tap Project, a donation campaign set up to provide safe drinking water to people around […]

Urban Trees – Paulownia

Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 20:31 | Category : environment
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Now I’ve often been called quite oblivious to what goes on along the streets of Bangkok, unless something really catches the eye, urban insensitivity? The greenest looking street I believe would be Wireless Road unless they lopped the trees over there. Orchard Rd. in Singapore, lined with flowing acacias, but underground cabling. We are limited […]

Environment: More Green!

Monday, 4 February 2008, 14:00 | Category : environment, lifestyle, society
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A very interesting article I read in TIME (Jan 14, 2008 edition) was the increase of miniature parks on rooftops in U.S. cities. According to the article and a BioScience paper, these rooftop parks can reduce heat loss from a building by 50%, reduce air-conditioning costs by 25% and reduce heat retention of 2°C called […]