Hazardous Moomoocow

Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 10:54 | Category : health
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“In a separate random test on 97 milk and milkbased products, the FDA yesterday revealed that only 32 items had tested negative, while two contained very low levels of melamine and were therefore safe for consumption. FDA chief Dr Chatree Banchuen explained that the two items only contained 0.38 and 0.55 milligrams of melamine per […]

Tobacco Harm Reduction

Monday, 10 March 2008, 19:03 | Category : health
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With the ongoing global witch-hunt on smoking and smokers, Sweden & Norway appear to be the most adaptive. Instead of smoking tobacco there is snus a nicotine alternative which reduces the risks of tobacco use by about 99%, according to tobaccoharmreduction.org. More information about the product can be found at both of those links which […]

Health & Fitness: Pushups

Saturday, 9 February 2008, 15:10 | Category : fitness, health
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Although I may be a mobile chimney, I do still try to maintain a reasonably healthy diet and some basic home exercise. Not saying that by doing just pushups will get you into prime shape & fitness but it’s a start! In the wonderful world of Youtube where one can find a video on almost […]

Random Ravings : Pigeons

Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 14:14 | Category : health, pigeons
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Columba livia the Rock Pigeon, the Feral Pigeon or sometimes referred to as flying rats that we see in our cities! I am woken up every morning at 6am by a pair of obnoxious creatures cooing and defecating away on my balcony window. Even more irritating is that they are so ‘domesticated’ that I have […]