Hair Colouring Tip

Friday, 15 August 2008, 9:47 | Category : entertainment
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On the skytrain today, I couldn’t help noticing this possibly mid-50s caucasian man with ‘natural’ strawberry red hair, but with light grey roots, stubble, eyebrows and sideburns wearing standard office attire. Refraining from laughing was most difficult, fortunately he got off after the next stop!

Eventually in several decades or whenever my hair starts to turn grey I would:
1. Just leave it and let nature take it’s course.
2. Or dye everything on my head so it all matches!


Monday, 11 August 2008, 18:59 | Category : entertainment
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One day out of work boredom I searched google with a friend for some incredibly irritating MSN emotes I kept seeing. Behold the Onion Club!!

Onion Club is a series of extremely popular manga-styled emoticon created by Taiwanese artist Ethan, the contents are distributed with a Creative Common License. – wikipedia

Central No Bag Day Sale

Saturday, 21 June 2008, 18:32 | Category : environment
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Central department store is having a promotional sale on the 23rd to 29th June when you:

“Bring along your re-usable tote and Say No to new shopping bags…
get an instant 10 – 30% off” more details at their website.

British humour at it’s finest!

Saturday, 21 June 2008, 18:18 | Category : entertainment
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For mature viewers only.

No I didn’t browse youtube and find this myself a friend linked it to me!

Where did the other 1/2 go!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008, 16:43 | Category : entertainment
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Around 11am today, an acquaintance had another car collide into his whilst he was driving along the Khorat highway. His Honda was split in 2 and no idea about the other car, but no fatalities and he survived with a cut on his left arm from the shattered glass.

Where did the other half go?

Where did the other half go?

Oh as for the other 1/2, it’s on the top right corner of the photo.

So perty!

Friday, 30 May 2008, 6:59 | Category : art, design
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Austin Street by ~Mikushkin on deviantART

Yes I also have my own oh so empty deviantart page !

Design Dark! Save Energy!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008, 13:45 | Category : design, environment
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According to Mark Ontkush at ecoIron a full white webpage uses roughly 74 watts, whilst an all black page uses around 59 watts on a CRT(the clunky, heavy, box shaped monitors). Therefore according to his maths, since I am terrible at it!! A website like google gets around 200 million users a day, if google were to change to using a black background, that in turn would reduce the watts by 15 which somehow leads to a global savings of 8.3megawatt-hours per day, or 3,000 megawatt-hours per day. Also the article states, if it costs 10 US cents/kilowatt-hour with 25% of the monitors in the world are still CRTs, that’s USD75,000 per hour. Please read his article for full details here. Which leads to the black google!

Though I have no idea how much is saved using black layouts on an LCD, the energy usage may be slightly less but every tiny bit counts! As for me, I still cannot decide on what to do with my website background yet…

Now for some energy saving tactics gathered from all over including some of my own nonsense:

-Aircon temperature no lower than 25°C according to some government ad.

-Eat brown jasmine rice since it requires less refining steps than white rice!

-Yes yes, turn off lights when you leave a room and your computer and any other appliances if you aren’t using them at all.

-Eating salad & fruit? Sashimi? no cooking involved!

-Go to the kitchen in the dark for a late night snack and hope nothing odd appears!

-Ride a bicycle to work…. HAHAHAHAHAHA most likely to get verbally abused, die from heat stroke, run over by some motorist, suffocate from the street fumes, shrivel up from dehydration or of course get your work clothes crumpled and drenched in sweat. Yes unfortunately we don’t have the climate or environment like Europe or Australia to even think of using one. A zebra crossing isn’t even a zebra crossing here! more like lines leading to your death.

-As for recycling, separate your rubbish, makes it easier for the collectors, which they in turn can sell off for extra cash.

Cannot think of anything else at the moment.

The price of rice?

Thursday, 17 April 2008, 16:12 | Category : food
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Why has the price of rice gone up when according to The Nation, the last major rice harvest was near the end of 2007 and a minor one in Feb 2008 where it should have been foreseen back then!? As far as I know there are still “fish in the water and rice in the fields” as one of our ancient proverbs state. Also as far as I know there was no major drought last year. Buying rice at a higher price most likely won’t benefit the poor farmers either since the majority of it was purchased last year from them and now in the hands of the mills and middlemen. There are many other factors involved in the price of rice which I will not bother going through all but one, such as increased harvesting and production costs due to higher fuel price. I have also forgotten the point of making this post since it was in draft form for a week!!

Silly Cat Pics

Monday, 14 April 2008, 17:40 | Category : entertainment
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I have wondered for quite a while where all those silly cat pics come from. Well here!

Also has a generator so that you can caption an animal photo of your choice with ‘lolcat’ speech. More info on ‘lolcat’ can be foud here

funny pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Ghosts & Ghouls of Thailand

Saturday, 12 April 2008, 11:31 | Category : supernatural
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It’s been a while since I posted anything on this matter, since I’d rather not! But curiosity continues to lurk. Apart from your standard incorporeal spirits, Thailand is said to have a variety of others with different characteristics, some quite similar to our neighbouring countries.

Kraseu and Krahang:
Kraseu – female and krahang – male variants. By day are said to look like any other human being but by night are capable of detaching their heads and and float around with their glowing internal organs attached in search for food. Their diet is said to consist of intestines, don’t know what type, don’t want to know! A long time ago when I visited my parents’ factory one of the security guards told me he saw a glowing ball in the distance floating through the neighbouring cashew plantation.

Known as preta in Sanskrit, are supposedly cursed for their behaviour in their former lives and stuck in limbo, incredibly tall and thin. If sighted on ground level, it is said that only the legs can be seen until you look up. As for me I’d probably not bother at all and bolt for it! Other features are a large gut and pin-hole sized mouth, which makes them incapable of eating anything and unable to speak so one would only hear whistling at night. They are said to wander around near temples asking the living for prayers and blessings so that they can resume the cycle of rebirth. Some time last year an electrician fixing something up on a pole fell of his crane, survived but claimed he was slapped by a pret.

There are other types which I can’t recall at the moment nor do I wish to see any of the above.